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The cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) is transforming business for the better, making employees more productive and businesses more agile. From other side adoption of Cloud Services expose new challenges for Security Leaders.

Aiuken Cloud Security Services is the mix of best of market technologies integrated into Aiuken Cloud Security Platform.

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Cloud Access Security Broker Service (CASB)
  • SaaS Visibility
    Identification of the applications that best adapt to the needs of the Company and monitoring the use of the Cloud applications in real time.
  • Granular Control
    Identification of the Cloud applications used in the organization and granular control of hidden data, both inside and outside the organization using mobiles and other devices.
  • Intelligent Protection
    Threat identification based on the common behavior of the use of application by the users.
Vulnerability Assessment
  • Identifies the new vulnerabilities as a result of changes made on the configurations.
  • Detects the lack of updates on systems, applications, and configuration elements.
  • Prevents wrong configurations on devices (wrong rule sets).
  • Shows the level of protection of the client's security policy.
  • Localize the vulnerabilities before being used or exploited by an attacker.
WAD Service:
  • Website & Web Application Security.
    It blocks the attacks to Web applications and prevents malicious users from affecting the enterprise applications.
  • DDoS Protection
    It maintains the web site availability through the defense against all types of DDoS attacks.
  • Website performance optimization
    Bandwidth cost saving, it increases the response capacity of the website, and creates a better end user experience.
  • PCI Compliance
    PCI compliance in a few minutes though reports.

Cloud Access Security Broker Services

The adoption of cloud applications is unstoppable, thanks to the benefits they offer. But it is fundamental to have the same traceability and control as with on premise applications and protection systems to be able to carry out the necessary corrective actions and monitor at all times the state of the company’s information.

The level of visibility provided by the Service and the control of what’s happening with the company’s assets is fundamental to migrate to Cloud in a calm and transparent way. Users can continue using applications in a controlled manner, avoiding potential filtering, theft or malicious use of heir credentials.

Discovery of used Cloud Applications (Shadow IT).
Getting the full context of use of Cloud: users, data, activity and access.
Fast deepening into a specific user’s actions
Creation of access policies, activities and data sharing.
Automatic identification of risk activities, unusual behavior and threats.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Reduce the risk, automatic threat prevention, and policies reinforcement.

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Hosted vulnerability management services

The main objective of the Vulnerability Assessment Service is to detect the level of vulnerability of the client’s system against potential external attacks and to evaluate its detection capability.

It assesses the level of exposure to risk that the interconnected systems must deal with and to determine the real possibilities for accessing, intercepting and/or modifying the critical information of the company.

The service is supported by a combination of techniques, technologies and tools in order to simulate attacks that let know if the client’s organization is ready for its detection, and answering effectively and on time.

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vulnerability management

WAD Service:

Publishing applications, websites or services in the internet, make protection needs change. It is not possible to protect these applications with the traditional perimeter barriers.
WAD Service

The objective of the WAD Service is to redirect the website traffic through the platform, using a DNS redirection. Once the traffic is sent to our system, it will be analyzed by our solutions in order to detect any malicious traffic, as attacks to Web applications, SQL injection and cross site scripting, as well as malicious bots, hackers, scrapers, spammers, etc.

The legitimate traffic is accelerated by the Content Delivery Network of the system, who provides a faster loading of web sites.

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